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  • 2021 October Market Recap

    October was a month of gains, defying its spooky reputation of losses in the equity markets, however we experienced disappointing jobs gains to start the month, a lower than expected Q3 GDP growth rate to end it, and other ups and downs it between.

  • 2021 Third Quarter Market Recap

    The economic reality has come short of our high expectations, so this quarter, we would like to share with you what we are seeing in the data and to dream about what we wish to see for a more prosperous future.

  • Retirement Matters - 4th Quarter 2021

    We hope you enjoy the 4th Quarter of 2021 issue of Retirement Matters, our retirement plan participant newsletter that provides readers with relevant market information and retirement plan strategies.

  • 2021 September Market Recap

    Markets stumbled during September as the prospect of tapering, the potential ripple effects of Evergrande’s financial woes, and general worries around the economic recovery weighed on the markets.

  • 2021 August Market Recap

    Throughout August, concerns about the pace of growth for the global economy dominated the headlines.