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  • 2021 August Market Recap

    Throughout August, concerns about the pace of growth for the global economy dominated the headlines.

  • 2021 July Market Recap

    The month of July saw the financial markets continue to rise in the aggregate, but a growing view that the ripple effect of global supply shortages has extended into our recovery prospects.

  • 2021 Second Quarter Market Recap

    It would seem that reopening an economy should be as simple as artificially shutting it down. But over a year later, recovering from the artificial shutdown is proving to be difficult.

  • Retirement Matters - 3rd Quarter 2021

    We hope you enjoy the 3rd Quarter of 2021 issue of Retirement Matters, our retirement plan participant newsletter that provides readers with relevant market information and retirement plan strategies.

  • 2021 June Market Recap

    The month of June saw American businesses on the path of resuming normal activities, but the road to recovery would not be as easy as simply reopening the doors to our businesses.